AccessHE Creative HE Apply Guide

AccessHE Creative HE Apply GuideAccessHE Creative HE Apply Guide

The introduction of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) in 2010, together with the 2015 decision to make EBacc subjects compulsory in secondary schools and ongoing funding pressures, has led to the prioritisation of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects at the expense of others – particularly the Creative Arts. Right now, young people in schools across the country are finding themselves unable to study arts subjects at GCSE and instead must fuel their passion outside of the classroom and often at great expense – placing those from low income backgrounds at a disadvantage.

If these young people are not being encouraged to study the arts at GCSE and/or cannot fund their passions, this will have (and is having) a knock-on effect in sixth forms and colleges: without having studied creative arts subjects at A Level or equivalent, students are struggling to demonstrate and evidence the right skills for studying these at higher education level. Moreover, there is a danger that those students applying for such courses are only those from certain backgrounds where there is a long-standing tradition and/or parental funding to support. Without a pipeline of suitable, trained talent, you can begin to appreciate the huge impact this change will have on the creative industries in London.

Launched in July 2018 as part of AccessHE Week 2018, the AccessHE Creative HE Apply Guide offers information and support for learners interested in applying to creative HE courses who are otherwise discouraged from pursuing their passions for the Creative Arts. You can download an electronic copy below. If you would like a physical copy, please contact

Download: AccessHE Creative HE Apply Guide (pdf, 1MB)