How do I apply?

How do you apply for a creative course? There are three main application routes for creative art and design courses: UCAS, UCAS Conservatoires and direct conservatoire application. These are explained in greater detail in the sections below but it is important to bear in mind you can apply for all three simultaneously! There is nothing stopping you from applying to an acting course through the regular UCAS route, through the UCAS Conservatoires route and then directly to other institutions. It will be time consuming and more expensive but it is possible.

Applying for creative courses through UCAS

The UCAS process covers most larger institutions and most non-conservatoire specialists. Most people will apply through UCAS and your teachers/advisers will discuss it at length.

UCAS applications

Applying for creative courses through UCAS Conservatoires

The UCAS Conservatoires process itself is very similar to the regular UCAS application process but with different deadlines and some key differences.

Conservatoire applications

Applying for creative courses through direct applications

Some institutions will take only direct applications. These often run to different deadlines and charge varying fees.

Direct applications