So you want to study a creative subject?

Aren’t sure if you should or what the value of a creative arts and design education might be?

Here we have collected together a bundle of resources concerning the creative industries, the value of the creative arts to health, well-being and society and a collection of case studies from students and alumni.

Find out why should study a creative degree, where this might take you and how you can afford it.

Why study a creative course?

So, what are the benefits to studying a creative course? What’s the value of the arts at large? Why should you study a creative subject?

Creative study options

Where will a creative degree take you?

There’s no better source of information about creative careers than those already working in the sector. How did they get there? What challenges have they overcome? And what advice would they give to someone starting out? Learn where your degree could take you!

Advice from graduates

Can I afford it?

Where can you go for financial advice and support? Find out about some of the many bursaries and scholarships which are available and how you can apply for them.

Funding & support